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Your Intestine & Vaginal Microbiome Are Linked—This is Why It Issues

Alas, it’s true: “The intestine and vaginal immune methods are interconnected,” says board-certified OB-GYN Karen Toubi, M.D.

“The intestine microbiome helps educate and modulate the immune system, which may affect immune responses in different areas, together with the vagina,” Toubi says.

So when your intestine well being is struggling, be it after you’ve been sick, had an extended weekend of junk meals and alcohol, and so forth., which may be mirrored in your vaginal well being, too.

What’s extra, your intestine and vagina truly share micro organism forwards and backwards. “Microbes can migrate between the intestine and vagina, establishing a dynamic relationship,” notes board-certified OB-GYN Renita White, M.D. 

Your intestine and vaginal microbiome profiles aren’t an identical, however they do have shared traits. “The vaginal microbiome is made up of a mixture of micro organism, however is dominated by Lactobacillus species,” White says. This particular micro organism can also be discovered within the intestine, she provides. 

“This sort of micro organism produces lactic acid1, which helps to maintain vaginal pH extra acidic in an effort to beat back infections,” White notes. In different phrases, you want this micro organism to be balanced in order for you your vaginal microbiome to thrive with out issues. 



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