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Who Are the Prime Sprinters/Stage-Hunters Heading Into the Upcoming Season?

2023 Rider Tiers Half 3: Who Are the Prime Sprinters/Stage-Hunters Heading Into the Upcoming Season? Breaking down the place every main grand tour stage win contender stands as we strategy the 2023 season.

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As the beginning date for the 2023 season continues to march nearer, we’ll proceed to take inventory of who the game’s elite riders are at every main self-discipline (grand excursions, one-classics & stage successful) heading into 2023 to offer us a clearer view of what to anticipate when these main occasions roll round.


Rating the Prime 2023 Grand Tour Stage Contenders

To construct off the final two weeks of tiering of the highest 2023 Grand Tour and one-day contenders, this week we’re separating the highest grand tour stage-winning riders into 5 tiers.

Initially, I needed this to be a breakdown of the game’s prime sprinters, however, after sorting their grand tour stage outcomes from latest seasons, it turned clear that probably the most prolific fashionable winners don’t essentially fall right into a pure ‘sprinter’ class (i.e. Wout van Aert) and a few, like Tadej Pogačar, have been capable of grow to be the game’s prime stage hunters whereas balancing GC ambitions. Because the final level of using a sprinter is to maximise your crew’s probabilities of successful the biggest attainable quantity of races, it solely appears truthful to weigh sprinters in opposition to all different potential stage winners. Sadly, exterior of creating this undertaking far more tough, this growth meant that numerous proficient (particularly younger) riders needed to be left off.


Why This Is Useful

As I outlined final week, the aim of this train is to try to objectively minimize by means of the noise and see who the most effective riders in every self-discipline are. That is particularly vital within the fashionable panorama since there may be an odd inversion the place the much less a rider produces, the extra media protection they obtain.

The Standards

To delineate them into tiers, I’m considering 1) prime three leads to grand tour levels over the previous 4 seasons, with outcomes generated just lately given higher emphasis, 2) their age, and, most significantly 3) their chance to generate outcomes (wins) in grand tour levels throughout the 2023 season.

Whereas there’s a almost infinite array of each established and rising stage-winning abilities, to qualify for the highest 4 tiers, a rider should have gained a grand tour stage prior to now 4 seasons. Whereas a few of these youthful riders, like Olav Kooij, Quinn Simmons, and Arnaud De Lie, could go on to win a number of grand tour levels in 2023, for the sake of this train, and to maintain the listing from ballooning to an unhelpful measurement, we’re solely specializing in riders who’ve already racked up a stage win. Moreover, since each grand tour doesn’t have the identical degree of competitors, Tour de France stage wins are weighted above wins on the two different ‘lesser’ grand excursions (Giro & Vuelta).

One main factor that stood out whereas pouring over these outcomes was the plain development within the fashionable iteration of the game the place sprinters wrestle to dominate the stage-win depend because the rise of more difficult programs, and extra versatile superstars squeeze their alternatives for stage wins. That is particularly prevalent on the Tour de France, the place the upper degree of expertise, growing stakes, ever-challenging programs, and, for probably the most half, the demise of the pancake-flat transition stage, have made it harder and harder for pure sprinters to rack up wins.

Beneath, every rider is listed of their BTP designated tier together with the age they are going to be racing at in 2023:

The Tiers

Tier 1:
Reserved for riders who’ve confirmed a capability to win a number of levels on the sport’s prime grand excursions in opposition to the hardest competitors, and, most significantly, have the power to take action in 2023. That is clearly an extremely elite group made up of riders who’ve the uncommon mixture of elite expertise and up to date real-world outcomes to again that expertise up.


Tadej Pogačar (24)

  • 2022: 3xTdF win (5xTdF podium)
  • 2021: 2xTdF win (3xTdF podium)
  • 2020: 2xTdF win (4xTdF podium)
  • 2019: 3xLaVuelta win (3xLaVuelta podium)
    • Totals: 10xGT stage wins (7xTdF), 15xGT complete stage podiums


Wout van Aert (28)

  • 2022: 2xTdF wins (6xTdF podium)
  • 2021: 2xTdF wins (3xTdF podium)
  • 2020: 2xTdF wins (4xTdF podium)
  • 2019: 1xTdF win (2xTdF podium)
    • Totals: 7xGT stage wins (7xTdF), 15xGT stage podiums


Primož Roglič (33)

  • 2022: 1xLaVuelta wins (2xLaVuelta podiums), 1xTdF podium
  • 2021: 2xLaVuelta wins (6xLaVuelta podiums), 2xTdF podiums
  • 2020: 3xLaVuelta wins (6xLaVuelta stage podiums), 1xTdF stage win (4xTdF podium)
  • 2019: 5xLaVuelta podiums
    • Totals: 7xGT stage wins (6xLaVuelta, 1xTdF), 26xGT stage podiums


Jasper Philipsen (24)

  • 2022: 2xTdF wins (5xTdF podiums)
  • 2021: 2xLaVuelta wins (3xLaVuelta podiums), 6xTdF podiums
  • 2020: 1xLaVuelta win (2xLaVuelta podiums)
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 5xGT stage wins (2xTdF 3xVuelta), 16xGT stage podiums

Tier 2:
Riders who’ve each gained prior to now, and will once more in 2023, a number of grand tour levels, however, their Tour de France success both lacks the required quantity (Démare), year-over-year consistency (Vingegaard), or recency (Ewan) to land them within the prime tier. Nonetheless, these riders might be thought of critical potential stage winners throughout any grand tour they participate in in the course of the 2023 season.


Arnaud Démare (31)

  • 2022: 3xGiro win (4xGiro podium)
  • 2021: 1xLaVuelta podium
  • 2020: 4xGiro win (4xGiro podium)
  • 2019: 1xGiro win (4xGiro podium)
    • Totals: 9xGT stage wins (8xGiro, 1xLaVuelta), 13xGT stage podiums

Deutschland Tour22 st1

Caleb Ewan (28)

  • 2022: 1xGiro podium
  • 2021: 2xGiro win (2xGiro podium)
  • 2020: 2xTdF win (3xTdF podium)
  • 2019: 3xTdF win (7xTdF podium), 2xGiro win (4xGiro podium)
    • Totals: 9xGT stage wins (5xTdF, 4xGiro), 17xGT stage podium


Fabio Jakobsen (26)

  • 2022: 1xTdF win (1xTdF podium)
  • 2021: 3xLaVuelta wins (5xLaVuelta podiums)
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: 2xLaVuelta wins (2xLaVuelta podiums)
    • Totals: 6xGT stage wins (1xTdF, 5xVuelta), 8xGT stage podiums


Richard Carapaz (29)

  • 2022: 3xLaVuelta wins (3xLaVuelta podium), 2xGiro podiums
  • 2021: 2xTdF podiums
  • 2020: 3xLaVuelta podiums, 2xTdF podiums
  • 2019: 2xGiro wins (2xGiro podiums)
    • Totals: 5xGT stage wins (3xLaVuelta, 2xGiro), 14xGT complete stage podiums


Jonas Vingegaard (26)

  • 2022: 2xTdF stage wins (4xTdF podium)
  • 2021: 2xTdF podium
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 2xGT stage wins (2xTdF), 6xGT stage podiums

Tier 3
The extent of expertise on this tier is absurdly excessive as evidenced by world-class sprinters like Bennett and Groenewegen, a former world champion in Mads Pedersen and a celebrity within the type of Mathieu van der Poel, and whereas they’re all able to successful a number of levels at any grand tour they enter, up till this level, they’ve lacked both the amount and recency of success on the Tour de France wanted to crack the next tier. And within the case of Van der Poel, his over-loaded schedule has siphoned off a good portion of his stage-winning potential. The 2023 season will current a serious alternative for each rider on this tier to extend their standing, however, with a lot high quality occupying the tiers above them and the youth within the ranks beneath them, this may show to be no simple feat.


Sam Bennett (32)

  • 2022: 2xLaVuelta win (2xLaVuelta podium)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: 1xLaVuelta win (2xLaVuelta podium), 2xTdF win (5xTdF podium)
  • 2019: 2xLaVuelta win (6xLaVuelta podium)
    • Totals: 7xGT stage wins (5xLaVuelta, 2xTdF), 15xGT stage podiums


Mads Pedersen (27)

  • 2022: 3xLaVuelta win (7xLaVuelta podium), 1xTdF win (3xTdF podium)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: 2xTdF podium
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 4xGT stage win (3xLaVuelta, 1xTdF), 12xGT stage podiums

giro22 st17

Mathieu van der Poel (28)

  • 2022: 1xGiro win (2xGiro podium)
  • 2021: 1xTdF stage win (1xTdF podium)
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 2xGT stage wins (1xTdF, 1xGiro), 3xGT stage podiums

slovenia22 st2

Dylan Groenewegen (29)

  • 2022: 1xTdF win (2xTdF podium)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: 1xTdF win (4xTdF podium)
    • Totals: 2xGT stage win (2xTdF), 6xGT stage podiums

Tier 4
These are riders who’re both veterans holding onto their previous dominance (Cavendish), strong stage-hunting careerists who’ve emerged as constant performers prior to now few years (Cort), and younger riders who make up for his or her lack of quantity with scorching-hot upward trajectories (Evenepoel/Girmay) that point out they are going to proceed to construct on their present stage win palmares in 2023.


Mark Cavendish (38)

  • 2022: 1xGiro stage win (3xGiro podium)
  • 2021: 4xTdF stage win (5xTdF podium)
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 5xGT stage wins (4xTdF, 1xGiro), 8xGT stage podiums


Magnus Cort (30)

  • 2022: 1xTdF win (1xTdF podium), 1xGiro podium
  • 2021: 3xLaVuelta win (4xLaVuelta podium), 1xTdF podium
  • 2020: 1xLaVuelta win (1xLaVuelta podium)
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 5xGT stage win (4xLaVuelta, 1xTdF), 8xGT stage podium


Remco Evenepoel (23)

  • 2022: 1xLaVuelta stage win (3xLaVuelta podium)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 1xGT stage win (1xLaVuelta), 3xGT stage podiums


Biniam Girmay (22)

  • 2022: 1xGiro win (2xGiro podiums)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 1xGT stage win (1xGiro), 2xGT podiums

tirreno22 st2

Tim Merlier (30)

  • 2022: 2xLaVuelta podiums
  • 2021: 1xTdF win (1xTdF podium), 1xGiro win (2xGiro podiums)
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 2xGT stage win (1xTdF, 1xGiro), 5xGT podiums

Tier 5
A set of the game’s prime stage winners who both are struggling to win on the identical charge they’ve prior to now (Yates, Matthews, Sagan, Alaphilippe) however are nonetheless amongst the elite group of riders able to successful Tour levels and up-and-coming abilities (Pidcock and Groves) who’ve opened up their account at grand excursions at extraordinarily younger ages however might be below stress to extend their manufacturing in 2023.


Simon Yates (30)

  • 2022: 1xGiro win (1xGiro podium)
  • 2021: 1xGiro win (2xGiro podium)
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: 2xTdF stage win (2xTdF podium), 2xGiro podium
    • Totals: 4xGT stage wins (2xTdF, 2xGiro), 7xGT stage podiums


Julian Alaphilippe (30)

  • 2022: N/A
  • 2021: 1xTdF win (1xTdF podium)
  • 2020: 1xTdF win (1xTdF podium)
  • 2019: 1xTdF win (3xTdF podium)
    • Totals: 3xGT stage win (3xTdF), 5xGT stage podium


Michael Matthews (32)

  • 2022: 1xTdF win (3xTdF podium)
  • 2021: 2xLaVuelta podium, 2xTdF podium
  • 2020: 2xGiro podium
  • 2019: 1xTdF podium
    • Totals: 1xGT stage win (1xTdF), 10xGT stage podiums


Peter Sagan (33)

  • 2022: N/A
  • 2021: 1xGiro win (3xGiro podium)
  • 2020: 1xGiro win (5xGiro podium), 2xTdF podium
  • 2019: 1xTdF win (3xTdF podium)
    • Totals: 3xGT stage win (2xGiro, 1xTdF), 13xGT stage podiums


Tom Pidcock (23)

  • 2022: 1xTdF win (1xTdF podium)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 1xGT stage win (1xTdF), 1xGT stage podium


Kaden Groves (24)

  • 2022: 1xLaVuelta win (1xLaVuelta podium)
  • 2021: N/A
  • 2020: N/A
  • 2019: N/A
    • Totals: 1xGT stage win (1xLaVuelta), 1xGT stage podium


5 Key Takeaways

1) Similar to the final two weeks, Tadej Pogačar, lands within the prime tier, and never solely that however is probably the most embellished rider on the listing.

  • This highlights the absurd depth of his expertise and why he must be thought of the most effective rider within the peloton in the mean time.
  • Few riders can win each one-day Monuments and grand tour overalls, however nearly nobody exterior the all-time greats can mix these two disparate expertise with the power to grow to be probably the most prolific fashionable grand tour stage winner.
  • If Pogacar can proceed his present run of dominance for a full decade (no simple feat), he has an actual alternative to match the palmares of the seemingly untouchable Eddy Merckx.


2) Jasper Philipsen being in tier 1 exhibits us the Tour de France sprinting sport has modified.

  • Having Philipsen as the one sprinter within the prime tier of this listing might sound an odd, if not downright incorrect, assertion, however once we weigh the standard of every sprinter’s wins, Philipsen is the one one of many large six (Philipsen, Jakobsen, Ewan, Bennett, Démare, and Groenewegen) to have gained a number of Tour de France levels prior to now 24 months.
  • This declare shouldn’t diminish the spectacular achievements of riders like Démare and Jakobsen at races just like the Giro and the Vuelta, however when it comes to grand tour stage wins, the Tour is the gold normal as a result of far greater degree of competitors.
  • The truth that Philipsen, a younger and intensely versatile rider who lacks the pure energy/pace of his larger, extra conventional competitors, has had the latest success on the Tour de France exhibits us simply how exhausting life has grow to be for conventional sprinters as the game’s major occasion has made their dash levels more durable and extra selective. Because of this development creating extra attention-grabbing levels and eliminating the dreaded five-hour stage that slowly rolls to a pancake flat end, it’s unlikely to reverse anytime within the close to future and signifies that youthful sprinters will have to be much more well-rounded than those that dominated within the latest previous.


3) Nonetheless, even factoring in these modifications within the sprinting panorama, and the rise of mega-talents who can dominate each self-discipline, conventional sprinters stay the simplest approach to win grand tour levels exterior the Tour

Tier Breakdown by Rider Sort:

  • Sprinter: 9
    • 1xTier 1, 3xTier 2, 2xTier 3, 2xTier 4, 1xTier 5
  • One-Day Specialist: 8
    • 1xTier 1, 2xTier 3, 1xTier 4, 4xTier 5
  • GC: 6
    • 2xTier 1, 2xTier 2, 1xTier 4, 1xTier 5
  • Pure Stage-Hunter: (Magnus Cort): 1

Chris Harper

4) These tier breakdowns as soon as once more present the depth of Jumbo-Visma’s dominance over each side of the game

  • Groups with a number of riders:
    BikeExchange: 4 (1xTier 3, 3xTier 5)
    Jumbo-Visma: 3 (2xTier 1, 1xTier 2)
    QuickStep: 3 (1xTier 2, 1xTier 4, 1xTier 5)
    Alpecin: 3 (1xTier 1, 1xTier 3, 1xTier 4)
    EF: 2 (1xTier 2, 1xTier 4)
  • Similar to the final two breakdowns (GC & one-day), the Dutch crew has a number of riders within the prime two tiers, offering much more proof that they’re a superteam in each sense of the phrase.
  • Nonetheless, two attention-grabbing names listed here are BikeExchange, which leads the best way with 4 complete riders within the prime 5 tiers, and EF, with two.
  • Notable single-rider groups:
    UAE: 1 (1xTier 1)
    Ineos: 1 (1xTier 5)
  • Ineos’ roster atrophy is as soon as once more highlighted with solely a single rider current within the prime 5 tiers.
    • Whereas this probably highlights issues behind the scenes on the crew, the impact is that the group is aggressively shedding high-priced veteran riders and is as a substitute doubling down on untested, however extraordinarily high-upside youth.


5) Mathieu van der Poel must deal with leaner race schedule administration if he desires to extend his stage-win document

  • The soon-to-be 28-year-old Van der Poel, who is without doubt one of the most explosive and thrilling riders on the planet, has had a particularly good run of success in one-day races, however at the least up till now, his grand tour stage-winning document leaves one thing to be desired.
  • That is primarily because of his overly expansive race schedule, which, as we noticed in 2022, stretched him skinny and left him exhausted by the point the Tour de France rolled round mid-season.
  • This upcoming season will mark a serious profession level for Van der Poel. With barely higher race administration, it isn’t tough to think about him considerably closing the hole to the elite riders within the prime tier.


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