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The Glucose Goddess Evaluate – Are Her 7 Hacks Legit?

who is the glucose goddess

I really feel like all I hear about these days are glucose ranges, particularly with folks asking me concerning the Glucose Goddess hacks.

Like numerous wellness influencers with no diet {qualifications}, Jessie Inchauspé, the self-proclaimed ‘Glucose Goddess,’ has seen alternative within the well being, wellness, and diet area.

Who’s the Glucose Goddess?

Inchauspé is a biochemist with a big following on Instagram, a private ‘illness to well being’ story (about her glucose, naturally), and a few theories about glucose spikes. Predictably, this all provides as much as an enormous ebook deal: her ebook Glucose Revolution was simply launched a few months in the past.

Now, everyone seems to be speaking concerning the Glucose Goddess hacks, resembling deconstructing sandwiches to eat the greens first so our blood sugars received’t spike. 

Whereas I do love the concept of serving to folks hold their glucose ranges secure and at applicable ranges, there’s one thing about telling folks to micromanage their bodily capabilities. I imply, we’ve been consuming meals in no matter order we wish since perpetually. I can guarantee you that this isn’t the explanation for all of the sickness on the planet. 

We’re getting so obsessive about ‘hacking’ our lives and our our bodies within the identify of well being, at what level does this outlook truly change into much less wholesome for us?

I needed to do a Glucose Goddess evaluation to take a better take a look at whether or not her hacks and suggestions are useful. 

Glucose spikes.

It’s essential to notice that whereas Inchauspé provides analysis citations to again up her claims, numerous what she recommends is anecdotal. She does admit that her strategies have been developed through the use of herself as her personal analysis topic.

Principally, her complete ebook relies on the speculation that if we forestall glucose spikes, we are able to keep away from some main well being points, together with diabetes.

Inchauspé additionally means that consuming in keeping with her hacks might put your fatty liver and type-2 diabetes into remission, scale back PCOS signs, and enhance psychological, coronary heart, and intestine well being.

She has stated that her hacks can ‘reverse PCOS,’ which is inconceivable. 

And in a really current IG Stay with Mark Hyman, she tells folks that glucose spikes trigger glycation, which ‘cooks us from the within, after which we die.’

WHAT. THE. HELL. That is gross, irresponsible fearmongering…and it’s additionally absolutely improper. However the way in which she says this makes it sound science-y, and judging by the feedback on the submit, folks imagine what she’s saying. 

Right here’s the factor. 

The above situations and ailments should not the results of transient glucose spikes, particularly in wholesome folks. No, you don’t want a CGM to watch your glucose. Sure, it’s possible you’ll enhance these items should you do what a few of the Glucose Goddess hacks let you know to do: eat fewer ultra-processed meals, steadiness your meals, eat extra protein. Eat extra greens. Eat a number of fiber, and eat much less sugar. and enhance your vegetable consumption. 

It’s not rocket science, it’s stuff that I’ve been telling you all for many years.

So far as folks saying they’re shedding pounds on the Glucose Goddess weight loss program, following these simple pointers may trigger a calorie deficit, particularly in case your weight loss program beforehand wasn’t the best.

However to attribute the decision of your psychological well being points, PCOS, and fatty liver illness to fewer glucose spikes is reaching. As in, approach too far. Perhaps that’s why the citations for her PCOS declare are a cell research, a complete ebook (with no web page quantity to reference), and a 2005 research on the keto weight loss program.

None of those are convincing help for her assertions:

glucose goddess hacks

Apparently, a number of of her citations on the Glucose Revolution Science web page are duplicates. Perhaps this wasn’t intentional (I’m pondering it wasn’t), however this provides the phantasm of getting extra analysis on the subject than there’s. 

who is the glucose goddess


And I’m simply going to go on a quick tangent to place this right here, as a result of it needs to be stated: 

Inchauspé fangirls throughout Mark Hyman, which I discover problematic. Most evidence-based, legit practitioners don’t agree with a lot of what Hyman writes or posts. 

It’s fascinating when this occurs. I can like a few of what an individual places out into the world, however when a part of their messaging or affiliations appear to betray their lack of vital pondering abilities and evidence-based information concerning the very matter they’re making an attempt to coach folks about, it actually sours their credibility. Not less than, it does for me. 

Right here’s a graphic about glucose spikes that Inchauspé just lately posted:

glucose goddess scam

I wish to clear one factor up proper now, as a result of I’ve seen her make a number of references to ‘fructose ranges’ and ‘fructose spikes’ in her content material.

Fructose shouldn’t be a metric, it’s an ingredient. We don’t measure fructose stage with labs, or with CGMs. They’re not a factor. 

And the concept that when glucose spikes, our our bodies ‘placed on fats to guard us’ is weird. In actual fact, this complete graphic is excessive. None of these items are the results of transient glucose spikes in wholesome non-diabetics (who, sarcastically, appear to be a big a part of her target market).

Glucose ranges rise after we eat carbohydrates. Insulin is secreted to take the glucose into our cells, and in folks with regular glucose metabolism, glucose ranges will then return down. 

Must you eat a ton of sugar and starch and refined and extremely processed meals? After all not! However scaring folks that one thing dangerous goes to occur to them in the event that they eat a ‘bare’ pear for a snack shouldn’t be okay.

It’s utterly regular to have an increase in glucose after consuming.When glucose ranges go up shortly (in any other case often called a ‘spike’), they’ll drop precipitously, leaving us drained and hungry. 

(Learn my submit about Food regimen for PCOS right here)

Apparently, current analysis on blood sugar in PLOS means that there are variations in glucose regulation in individuals who aren’t diabetic. Which means that even when they aren’t diabetic, some folks’s glucose spikes larger than others, usually into the pre-diabetic vary. Whereas it’s nice to eat in a approach that ensures a  sluggish charge of absorption of glucose into the blood, the messaging round glucose spikes in wholesome folks being dangerous appears alarmist and never evidence-based.

Elaine Clark, RD, CDE, tells me that these kinds of short-term spikes aren’t too regarding in individuals who have total regular glucose ranges. ‘Total, if their A1C is ok, it’s not an issue. Why does the occasional glucose spike matter, in case your total A1C is in goal?’

You will get your A1C and fasting glucose checked with a easy blood take a look at, and you need to be getting it checked yearly anyhow, should you aren’t diabetic. Diabetics might have extra common A1C checks.

Regardless of the above graphic insinuating in another way, sugar doesn’t trigger diabetes, and neither do small glucose spikes.

There have been no research proving causation between short-term glucose spikes and hormonal disruptions, persistent irritation, accelerated growing old, and illness. I requested Karl Nadolsky D.O. and endocrinologist, what his ideas have been concerning the Glucose Goddess’s hacks and the idea of non-diabetics micromanaging their glucose. He advised me this:

I don’t know of any information to recommend that someway conserving glycemic excursions dramatically under 140  mg/dL is helpful w/o the opposite parts of dysglycemic illness. So, principally, they’re extrapolating inappropriately so far as I’m involved.

This pear graphic is similar type of factor. OF COURSE you’re going to have the next glucose stage while you eat a bit of fruit and not using a supply of protein or fats. However nothing dangerous goes to occur to you due to it.

who is the glucose goddess


Let’s check out the Glucose Goddess 7 hacks.

Eat meals within the correct order.

That ‘correct order’ is: fiber, protein, fats, then starches and sugars.

Inchauspé says that once we eat greens first at meals, the fiber within the greens varieties a ‘mesh’ within the abdomen and gut, which helps to stop the fast absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.

In my 23 years of observe, I’ve by no means heard of fiber making any type of ‘mesh,’ however sure – should you eat greens and protein earlier than you eat carbs, it’s possible you’ll expertise a smaller rise in blood sugar. Is that smaller rise in blood sugar related to the final inhabitants?

Perhaps not, but when this fashion of consuming will get you to devour extra greens total, that’s a superb factor. And as Clark advised me, ‘it’s a technique to eat much less total – get folks to eat their greens first, they usually’ll eat fewer energy from different issues.’

She additionally stated to me, ‘can’t we simply eat a fu*king sandwich and recover from it, already?’


(Do hormone balancing diets work? I break down the science right here)

My situation with this hack is that taking their sandwich aside and choosing by means of their meals to eat the ‘proper’ macronutrient on the ‘proper’ time could also be triggering for folks with a historical past or a predisposition to consuming problems. 

Positive, eat some salad or some protein earlier than you eat your carbs. However at what level can we draw the road? Does consuming your sandwiches intact have that a lot of a damaging impression on our bodily well being that we should always by no means eat one complete once more?

Do these items actually make that a lot of a distinction, particularly in individuals who don’t have diabetes?

That is the query I ask myself, and that you need to be asking your self too, whereas I examine Glucose Goddess’s suggestions.

The analysis that Inchauspé provides on her Glucose Revolution Science web page to again up this declare are very small research that been executed solely in diabetics (one exception was executed in 8 non-diabetics). 

Together with these citations, The Goddess has numerous graphics on her feed that present the results of consuming greens earlier than different meals. Too dangerous that 

The decision: consuming your meals in a selected order might have some optimistic results in your blood sugar, but it surely most likely doesn’t matter for most individuals.

Don’t eat carbs on their very own.

Pairing carbs with protein and/or fats is one thing that dietitians have been recommending perpetually. This isn’t a brand new concept, however it’s an efficient one for satiety and blood sugar ranges, particularly in diabetics.

When mixed with protein and/or fats, the glucose from a carb meals is absorbed extra slowly and evenly into the bloodstream. Protein and fats additionally assist to delay digestion, which implies you’re fuller for longer. 

This one checks out, but it surely’s essential to recollect: should you eat a bit of fruit by itself, nothing dangerous goes to occur to you.

Eat a savory breakfast…and savory snacks.

We’re going to knock off two hacks in a single right here.

What Inchauspé means by that is, keep away from breakfast pastries and different carb-heavy meals in favor of protein-rich decisions. Don’t eat sugary stuff for snacks – select one thing with protein and fats, like almonds.

Breakfast meals are sometimes carbs – suppose, pancakes, waffles, toast, breakfast cereal.

I all the time suggest protein-rich breakfasts and snacks, which might maintain each fullness and vitality longer than a carb-based meal or snack.

This 2017 research, though pretty small, steered that consuming a excessive protein breakfast might assist with blood glucose ranges on the topics’ subsequent meal. 

Protein consumption causes the discharge of peptide YY, a hormone that helps to extend satiety and regulate urge for food. 

I’m with The Goddess on this one.

Drink vinegar in water earlier than meals.

For all the influencers and wellness folks and now Glucose Goddess who’ve beneficial vinegar earlier than meals for no matter cause, the analysis continues to be not there to justify it.

Elaine Clark, RD, CDE, advised me, “Including any acid – even lemon or lime juice – to a meal might help decrease its glycemic index, however I’d by no means inform somebody to drink vinegar.

You possibly can’t drink vinegar and erase the carbs you’ve eaten, like numerous content material creators will recommend. Inchauspé recommends 1 tablespoon of vinegar in water earlier than meals, to be able to forestall glucose spikes.

She presents us with a few analysis research to again up this suggestion. It’s all the time essential to take a look at the analysis, like in this primary research she cites for this hack.

Submit-meal glucose was not measured on this research, so how do we all know that vinegar truly helps with spikes? In actual fact, on the finish of the 12 week research and after 5 weeks follow-up, HbA1C and FPG weren’t exceptional.

So far as the research saying that topics misplaced a ‘vital quantity of weight’ in the course of the intervention, this translated into 1-2 kg for the vinegar teams, which was principally reversed after the research ended.

The overwhelming majority of the research she makes use of to again up her vinegar suggestion are small and executed solely in diabetic folks. As I learn by means of them, I see numerous statistically vital outcomes which aren’t actually clinically vital.

(Is apple cider vinegar value taking? Learn extra right here)

That means, the impact in actual life isn’t so exceptional that it’s value taking vinegar earlier than you eat. 

Most of the research additionally use take a look at meals which can be stuffed with processed carbs – juice, cereal bars, white bread, for instance. Do you actually eat that type of breakfast? If you happen to eat a weight loss program that accommodates extra fiber and protein, how do the outcomes apply to you? 

Oh wait! One in all her citations solutions that query: this research discovered that vinegar doesn’t seem to assist glucose ranges when taken with a low glycemic meal. 

Inchauspé just lately posted the next graphic on her Instagram. As a dietitian, I believe it’s fairly apparent that while you take a meal that’s nearly pure carbs and add eggs to it, it’s going to have a extra beneficial glucose response. The ACV might be fully unrelated to this. I wish to see a graphic evaluating the response of a meal of oats and eggs, to a meal of oats, eggs, and vinegar. My guess is that they received’t be considerably completely different. 

A majority of these curve graphs, that are throughout her social, look scientific, however are extra like a illustration of one thing scientific. I can see how they’d be compelling to the layperson, however I’d take them with a HUGE grain of salt, since they’ve principally no context by any means. This comes off to me as equal components fascinating and shady.

glucose goddess review

The lesson right here? Add protein to your meals. Once more, nothing new or revolutionary. Additionally, what have been the quantities of oats in both sides of the graphic? Will we eat much less of the oats as a result of we’ve eaten protein first? 

The next graphic about what to do should you’ve eaten too many cookies is on the Glucose Goddess Instagram web page:

glucose goddess hacks

glucose goddess scam

glucose goddess diet

The instruction to drink vinegar to stop a spike isn’t warranted, says Clark. ‘I’d by no means suggest that, even to diabetics. Additionally, by the point you’ve eaten these cookies, the spike has already occurred.’

Consuming something to ‘counter’ one thing else that you simply’ve eaten additionally sounds disordered, regardless that the graphic additionally contains non-diet sounding slides that inform us to ‘take pleasure in our meals,’ and to not fear about overeating.

I’m feeling like Ichauspé is aware of some issues about glucose ranges, but it surely’s clear that she has not been educated to the purpose of being an professional in physiology, glucose, and diabetes. ‘Why did she write a ebook about avoiding blood sugar spikes for individuals who have regular glucose ranges?’ Clark requested me. 

I’m unsure.

The decision: consuming vinegar most likely received’t be helpful should you eat assorted, fiber-rich meals.

Add a plate of greens to your entire meals.

Nothing to say right here, besides that the extra crops you eat, the higher. 

Out of all of the Glucose Goddess hacks, this one is my fave.

Solely eat fruit complete.

Inchauspé says that processing fruit by juicing it or drying it may impression its impact in your blood sugar.

She’s completely right, after all: fruit juice is concentrated sugar and accommodates no fiber. Dried fruit has the very same quantity of sugar per piece than its recent counterpart, however you most likely eat extra raisins than you’d grapes, resulting in extra sugar consumed.  This hack has some reality behind it, however these meals’ impression in your blood sugar will solely be vital should you’re consuming them in giant quantities and with out different meals. For instance, you’ll most likely have a glucose spike if in case you have a handful of raisins. However, add some nuts to these raisins, and the impact can be much less.

She posted a graphic that reveals the instance of an all-fruit smoothie versus a fruit smoothie with protein, which appears to counter her argument right here. The fruit within the backside smoothie continues to be blended.

glucose goddess scam

This one is ok, however I’m nonetheless going to eat dried fruit – with a supply of fats and protein.

Transfer after your meals.

Transferring your physique after meals, if doable, is a superb concept. Clark agrees. 

This hack is legit.

Glucose Goddess evaluation, in brief.

A few of what Inchauspé recommends is completely legit. One factor I do like concerning the Glucose Goddess, is that she doesn’t appear to be super-rigid along with her strategies. She appears to be all about telling folks to comply with her ‘hacks’ when it’s handy for them, not making them right into a weight loss program or a strict checklist of guidelines. 

That being stated, a few of her hacks and claims look like overblown and never supported by present analysis. And no, ‘analysis’ she has executed on herself doesn’t rely.Her credibility in my eyes takes a significant hit each time she aligns herself with a quack physician and/or makes ridiculous, worry mongering claims that aren’t scientific within the least. 

I’ve discovered that a few of what Inchauspé recommends are behaviours which were inspired by RDs like me, for many years. I suppose once we do it, it’s approach much less horny? Eh, most likely. 

Her stuff isn’t bodily dangerous, so strive it in order for you. However watch out for lofty claims and worry ways that aren’t supported by present proof (however assist to promote books). 



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