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Is Poha Good For Weight reduction? Let’s Discover Out

Are you searching for a tasty, wholesome breakfast choice that can assist you drop some pounds? Poha, an Indian favorite, may very well be your reply! This scrumptious breakfast dish incorporates the principle ingredient of overwhelmed rice, a powerhouse of vitamins.

It’s filled with important nutritional vitamins and minerals and can assist you slim down and meet your weight reduction targets. So when you’re trying to shed some additional kilos with out sacrificing flavour, poha is an ideal alternative.

Folks know poha by many names- chuda to Odishans, aval to Tamilians, and avalakki to Kannadigas. Similar to its identify, poha is a flexible breakfast merchandise.

It has variations in its recipe in several states, starting from candy and tangy to scorching. Regardless of which model you like, poha will tantalise your style buds!

Dietary Values of Poha for Weight Loss

The nutritive values of Poha fluctuate barely relying in your preparation methodology and the substances. Nonetheless, a number of the main vitamins in a single bowl (100g) of cooked poha are as follows.

  • Vitality: 180kCal
  • Fibre: 2.5mg
  • Carbohydrates: 25g
  • Fats: 7.9g

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals

  • Iron: 2.6mg
  • Potassium: 5mg
  • Magnesium: 32.9g
  • Calcium: 13.7mg
  • Vitamin A: 67.6mcg 
  • Vitamin B: 1.4mg
  • Vitamin C: 1.9mg
  • Proteins: 2.34mg
  • Phosphorus: 79.7mg

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Poha for Weight Loss – Does it Assist?

One factor to recollect when contemplating if poha will increase weight is that high-fibre meals assist promote general health.

As poha is a pure supply of dietary fibre, it may be a useful instrument for managing weight. Research have proven that dietary fibre helps to control urge for food, increase metabolism, and scale back the chance of continual illnesses.

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Poha is a staple for these on a weight reduction weight loss plan, as it’s a low-calorie dish that provides some proteins, carbohydrates, and fibre. Moreover, when one provides further substances like onions and peanuts, the dietary worth of this dish is additional boosted. Moreover, many consultants say that consuming poha can assist regulate insulin and glucose ranges.

Within the quest for wholesome meals that promote general wellness, poha is a superb choice. A cup of this unbelievable dish incorporates 23% fats, 76.9% carbohydrates and fibre, which helps you keep full for longer. As well as, it lets you adhere to your scheduled weight loss plan with out the temptation to stray from it.

The HealthifyMe Notice

It’s no secret that no meals can independently shed extra weight. Nonetheless, some meals can assist in your journey in the direction of a more healthy self. Poha is a superb alternative that can assist you obtain your objective of burning cussed fats. That’s due to its excessive ranges of carbohydrates, nutritional vitamins, proteins, fibre, and antioxidants. These vitamins will preserve you energised and energetic all through the day, scale back the urge to snack unnecessarily, and promote wholesome digestion.

Benefits of Poha (Aval) for Weight Loss

Poha, a beloved meal in lots of houses, is a scrumptious breakfast and a nutritious snack at any hour.

Consuming this meals can result in many well being advantages, together with weight reduction. Under are a number of the benefits of getting poha for weight reduction.

Low in Energy

If you wish to shed weight, it’s important to regulate your calorie consumption so that you’re in a calorie deficit. Poha is low in energy, however the way you put together it determines the overall calorie rely.

To make sure that you’re shedding pounds, embody wholesome substances reminiscent of greens and dry fruits in your dish, as this can enhance the dietary worth and assist keep a low-calorie rely.

A current research exhibits that those that follow a low-calorie weight loss plan are much less prone to undergo from continual, age-related, and inflammatory problems. As well as, consuming meals with fewer energy will assist to cut back the general calorie consumption, which will be useful for weight reduction. Since poha incorporates fewer energy, it may be a staple in virtually all weight reduction meal plans.

Wholesome Carbohydrates

One of many frequent points folks face throughout their weight reduction journey is fatigue or exhaustion. It’s primarily due to low-calorie and carb consumption. To counteract this, consuming meals that offers you sufficient vitality to do your day by day actions is important. 

Carbohydrates are an excellent vitality supply, and poha is a superb supply of wholesome carbohydrates. Consuming poha will assist preserve your vitality ranges up and scale back your have to overeat.

Wealthy in Fibre

A research means that consuming extra fibre-rich meals can assist with weight reduction and forestall weight problems. A conventional favorite, poha, is excessive in fibre and generally is a welcome addition to 1’s weight loss plan. Moreover, fibre aids digestion and reduces the chance of constipation.

Consuming poha is useful for weight reduction resulting from its excessive fibre content material. Fibre-containing meals take longer to digest, protecting you fuller for prolonged intervals. As well as, when fibre absorbs water within the abdomen, it will increase in quantity and helps to suppress starvation. Because of this, it helps to stop extreme snacking and can assist to regulate calorie consumption.

Enhances the Presence of Intestine Microbial Micro organism Loaded with Probiotics

It might shock many individuals to be taught that poha is a probiotic meals. That’s as a result of this meals product is ready by parboiling rice after which drying it within the solar for a number of hours. After this, the dried product is pounded flat to create poha.

Probiotics are wonderful for sustaining our general well being and well-being. Consuming poha, which is wealthy in probiotics, can assist to extend and strengthen useful intestine micro organism. These micro organism can assist to eradicate toxins from the intestine and support in burning off cussed fats and ldl cholesterol.

Methods to Devour Poha for Weight Loss

It is very important keep in mind that a profitable weight reduction plan doesn’t contain fasting or drastic weight loss plan adjustments.

As an alternative, it’s necessary to concentrate to moderation and self-control when consuming meals and high-calorie meals. Common bodily exercise can be a mandatory a part of any weight reduction program. 

Listed below are a number of the greatest methods to eat Poha that can assist you attain your weight reduction targets:

  • Improve your wholesome consuming habits with Vegetable Poha! To make this healthful dish, add a wide range of greens to your poha for a scrumptious and weight-loss-friendly meal.
  • Take pleasure in a nutritious snack with Dry Fruit Poha! Roast poha and your favorite nuts and seeds for a tasty, weight-loss-friendly dish.
  • Attempt a flavorful and wholesome dish with Poha Chat! For an additional punch of flavour, add corn, lemon juice, coriander leaves, chat masala, and your favorite greens to traditional poha.
  • Fulfill your cravings with Poha Salad! Put together this mid-day or night snack by including your favorite uncooked greens reminiscent of cucumber, tomato, or capsicum to poha. Then, add a zesty kick with a sprinkle of lemon juice and chaat masala.

Notice: Examine the HealthifyMe app for extra scrumptious but wholesome poha recipes.

The Greatest Time to Devour Poha

Poha is a perfect meals for any time of the day, however it’s significantly useful when eaten as a breakfast merchandise. Its carbohydrate content material supplies the vitality wanted to maintain you going all day.

Moreover, its excessive fibre content material retains you full for prolonged intervals, making it a superb night snack to stop starvation pangs between meals. Fast and simple to arrange, poha is an ideal alternative for any meal.

How A lot Poha Ought to One Eat?

Poha is tasty and nutritious, making it the right meal for any event. Consuming as much as 150 g per day can present quite a few well being advantages. Nonetheless, each particular person’s wants are completely different. Therefore, it’s best to seek the advice of a nutritionist to know how a lot poha it is best to eat.

The HealthifyMe Notice

By making a number of small adjustments to your Poha-based dish, you possibly can immediately make it more healthy. For instance, strive changing white poha with brown poha for added fibre, including soya chunks to extend protein content material, and garnishing with more healthy choices reminiscent of roasted peanuts, floor coconut, or dry fruits. Squeezing lime juice may enhance its dietary worth with a lift of vitamin C.


Incorporating wholesome consuming and common train into your life-style offers you the successful edge in your weight reduction journey. Poha, identified by many names all through India, is a staple in lots of households. However is flattened rice good for weight reduction? 

Nutritionists counsel including this conventional meals to your weight loss plan for breakfast or as a snack. Poha has been part of folks’s diets for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, Poha or different meals can not make you drop some pounds independently.

The key to shedding pounds is a mix of the appropriate consuming decisions, sufficient train, correct relaxation and a stress-free thoughts. So, begin right this moment and make your weight-loss journey profitable with personalised help from HealthifyMe.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does poha trigger weight acquire?

A: Poha, or flattened rice, is a well-liked breakfast dish in India. Whereas it’s a more healthy choice than many different breakfast meals, it could nonetheless contribute to weight acquire resulting from its carbohydrate content material. Poha is usually produced from white rice, a high-glycemic-index meals that may result in elevated blood sugar ranges and, finally, weight acquire. Moreover, oil, spices, and different substances can add further energy. Whereas Poha will be a part of a balanced weight loss plan, it needs to be eaten moderately and mixed with different nutrient-rich meals to make sure a nutritious diet.

Q: Can we eat poha at night time for weight reduction?

A: Sure, you possibly can eat poha at night time for weight reduction. Poha is a lightweight, wholesome, nutritious snack that’s low in energy and fibre. It’s a good supply of carbs, proteins, and nutritional vitamins and minerals that the physique wants. As well as, Poha is low in fats and helps preserve you satiated for longer. Consuming poha at night time can assist you drop some pounds because it reduces cravings and retains you happy till morning. Moreover, poha could be very straightforward to arrange and will be cooked in minutes.

Q: Which is best for weight reduction, rice or poha?

A: Rice and poha are each fashionable, nutritious staples of Indian delicacies. In the case of weight reduction, poha is the higher alternative. Poha is produced from flattened rice and is low in energy, fats and sugar. It is usually wealthy in complicated carbohydrates and fibre, which helps to maintain you feeling fuller for longer. Moreover, poha is wealthy in nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which assist to help the physique’s metabolism. In distinction, white rice is excessive in energy and refined carbohydrates, which might trigger blood sugar ranges to spike and result in weight acquire.

Q: What occurs if we eat poha day by day?

A: If we eat poha day by day, it may be useful to our well being in some methods. Poha is a supply of carbohydrates and is low in energy, making it a superb choice for these making an attempt to handle their weight. It is usually wealthy in fibre, which can assist promote wholesome digestion and scale back levels of cholesterol. Poha can be supply of iron and lots of different necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals, which makes it a wholesome addition to any weight loss plan. Nonetheless, it’s best to maintain poha consumption moderately as it may be excessive in sodium.

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