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An All-Loving Killer Deity – The Good Males Mission


Faith regularly proclaims that an all-loving, all-merciful Heavenly Father kills individuals vengefully when displeased.

The bible describes it in Noah’s flood, the destiny of Sodom and Gomorrah, and numerous different passages. Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards did so in his famed sermon, “Sinners within the Fingers of an Offended God.” Dies Irae — Day of Wrath — was a grim medieval chant about brutal divine punishment. Later it was copied powerfully by a number of composers, resembling Hector Berlioz in his Symphonie Fantastique.

This causes “cognitive dissonance.” How can a “God of infinite mercy” be a ferocious killer?

Some examples are ludicrous.

When a regional airline crash killed 35 at my metropolis of Charleston, W.Va., a neighborhood minister stated it was divine punishment for sins resembling B-girls soliciting drinks in nightclubs. At an Egyptian mosque, an imam preached that earthquakes are brought on by ladies sporting skimpy garments. When Muslim fanatics murdered 3,000 individuals within the historic 9/11 terror assault, evangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson declared on nationwide tv that God allowed the tragedy as a result of he was affronted by America’s tolerance of gays, abortion, feminism and secularism.

Really, the puzzle of an all-loving killer deity isn’t any puzzle for science-minded freethinkers. We all know that supernatural faith is fairy tales. There isn’t any “Father in Heaven.” There isn’t any divine son born as a half-human. There isn’t any heaven or hell or purgatory after loss of life. There isn’t any Devil, Virgin Mary or host of singing angels. It’s all a fantasy concocted by the human creativeness.

Comic George Carlin stated faith is the “best bullshit story” ever instructed, explaining:

“Faith has truly satisfied folks that there’s an invisible man, dwelling within the sky, who watches all the things you do, each minute of on daily basis. And the invisible man has a particular checklist of 10 issues he doesn’t need you to do. And in the event you do any of those 10 issues, he has a particular place, full of fireside and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, the place he’ll ship you to dwell and undergo and burn and choke and scream and cry ceaselessly and ever ’til the top of time! However He loves you.”

Fortunately, this nonsense is fading from Western democracies. The extra it disappears, the extra individuals can concentrate on the pressing must make life higher for humanity.


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